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Winter Beauty Guide


Skin care is so SO important! I am one who really needs to work for clear skin. I absolutely love wearing makeup, so I really need to employ a good cleansing ritual. I try and maintain a consistent skin care routine, because if I don’t, I break out almost immediately. During winter it is extra important to care for your skin. My skin can get very dry and my lips get chapped in the cold and windy winter months, and as spring and summer looms, keeping my skin hydrated is vital.

Spring is slowly approaching. It’s a tradition of mine to head off to a beauty salon and give my skin a little love and a little winter detox. I headed to The Salon at Beauty EDU and treated myself to a relaxation facial. Afterwards, I learnt a little about how to apply makeup.

I booked my treatments through Vaniday which made it super easy and convenient. Through Vaniday you can find all your local beauty and wellness services in the one spot. It is super easy to browse locations and treatments, seek out promotions to get value for money and place a booking.

I’ve heard wonderful things about The Salon at Beauty EDU and I love the concept of students learning and working in real life situations and salons. As a student myself, I know how important this is when beginning a career! I was quite excited for my first visit.

My relaxation facial was wonderful. The Salon used Dermalogica products during my treatment, which had a pleasant texture feeling immediately soothing upon application. My beauty therapist was aware of my sensitive skin, using products with vitamins and antioxidants helping to rejuvenate, fight signs of fatigue and plump my skin with extra hydration! I felt completely blissed out, relaxed and I left with my skin feeling smooth, silky and hydrated. The best part, the relaxation facial is only $20!


Skin care shouldn’t be a chore. It should be effortless and effective! Look for products that are easy on the skin, rich in texture, active in ingredients, restores moisture, and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and glowy. The two most important things to look for in skin care products are antioxidants and sunscreen. SPF can do wonders for keeping your skin looking youthful, hydrated and protected from UV damage. Wearing sunscreen is still extremely important during winter. As we have seen Melbourne deliver some gorgeous sunny winter days on occasion, you wouldn’t want to risk sun damage!

Antioxidants are also super important! Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals which damage the skin cells, removes toxins, reduces signs of aging and reduces UV damage, tones, calms and firms.

Vitamin E, chamomile and lavender extracts can help to calm irritated skin, leaving the skin feeling soothed, healthy and comfortable. The benefits are huge for the health and appearance of our skin, and feeling comfortable in your skin is so important and something I am a huge advocate for!










My skin is so fair that contouring for a natural look is always something I struggle with when applying my own makeup and always something I worry about when getting my makeup done professionally. After seeing a natural contouring look on my fair skin done correctly at The Salon at Beauty EDU like some kind of makeup magic, it is definitely something I will be practicing at home!




Skin care is so important, relaxation time is so so important! Search now for promotions and treat yourself, beautiful! To book the salon at beauty edu click here.

Thank you to Vaniday for collaborating on this post. All opinions are my own.

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