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The Ultra Feminine Statement Coat


As we transition into the warmer months, I tend to replace wintery and autumnal shades with vibrants pops of colour. High on my list, is the colour pink. Associated with all things feminine and romantic, no wonder pink is a colour trend for this spring.

With an array of shades and tones, pink can be universally flattering. Whatever you style is, there is a shade for you. Transitioning from young and sweet into feminine and sophisticated is all about what hue you choose to wear, and choose it wisely by keeping your skin tone in mind.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with colours for the new season, there are so many ways to play on the classics. A few tips? A little bit of texture can create depth and dimension and change your entire outlook on this girly colour. Pair it with darling neutrals or even darker colours if you want to tone down the girly. Here I have paired this ultra feminine statement coat with a navy blue polka dot dress.

There are a million and one ways to transition pink into ultra feminine and powerful, and there are no strict rules. Or even so, fashion rules are meant to be broken.

Happy Styling!








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