About The Blogger


Hello. Welcome!

I’m Amy. A dreamer. A creative being. A designer-in-training.

I believe in self love and self expression, through fashion and personal style. I believe in a community of women building each other up, sharing ideas and inspiration.

Residing in the chic city of Melbourne, I am beginning a journey into the fashion world, studying RMIT’s well renowned Bachelor of Design (Fashion) (Honours) program, graduating in 2017. I have a keen eye for design and an appetite for arts, culture and style, as well as a family background in journalism and film, creativity is in my blood. You can view my professional design portfolio here.

As a designer-in-training, I thrive on exploring, expanding and sharing my personal style; an ever evolving mix of playful yet sophisticated, feminine and approachable. My fashion community SomeonelikeAmy truly aims to elevate confidence and inspire your inner creative.

SomeonelikeAmy is my way of connecting dreamers and creatives alike, sharing positive energies, ambitions and an overall boss-lady attitude towards fashion, style, travel, goals, projects, creations and everything else! I am a fierce believer in feeling confident and sparkly, and approaching life with creativity, passion, humor, personality and heart. Here, you will find my own design inspiration and projects, style advice and a sprinkle of love, passion and glitter towards everything else life throws at me.

Planting the seeds for SomeonelikeAmy began a long time ago. I love writing, researching, designing and I fiercely believe in the transformative power of having a sense of community.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I am so happy you are here.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me. You can find all my contact information here.