Design Portfolio

Spaces Between

  Spaces Between, explores the intimate experiences and expressions of touch, and the relationship between fabric and skin. Spaces between was born from a series of experiments and a skin-based design approach to fashion, with theoretical manifestations also guiding the studio process. This collection uses the body as a site for fashion design and a way to map out fashion space, the spaces in between fabric and skin. The human body is a central concern, understanding the significance of touch to be integrated into the design process. This central role of the human body and everyday life, is expressed through a ready to wear wardrobe collection which utilises natural fabrications; silk and wool. Spaces between uses an interdisciplinary approach to design, which positions it not only as a ready to wear commercial collection but as an experimental and conceptual collection guided by cross disciplinary discourse in fashion theory, body theory, skin studies and spatial theory. Investigating fashion in relation to the space between itself and the skin it touches, explored the potential for transparency in cloth, revealing spaces that are usually denied from sight. This led to the development of knitted textiles, and hand-made lace-like work which focused on skin and body as a site for fashion design, with the main critical design thought being; how will this textile feel against the skin of the wearer? All human experiences and techniques of the body, begin with the body being situated spatially. Space is an important connotation, and is expressed through slashing into and creating space within the garment itself or revealing the void. The spatial principle of deconstruction, to remove or reveal, can place this labyrinth of space; the void, in the context of fashion practice. It creates a large open space referred to as “nothingness”. This space within the garment itself, shines light on the inside construction of the garment, the lining, the facings, the seams, situated next to and in touch with the wearers skin. This garment was reflected upon as the wearer participated in everyday practice. The garment was picked up, the wearer carefully places her arms into the sleeves, she is wearing the coat, and as she walks, the shapes move and transport with her body. Sheer textiles is another technique to reveal these spaces to the naked eye. Sheer textiles allow the surfaces of both the fabric and the skin to be in direct sight, combined together which form another alternate skin. The spaces between are revealed to sight, but the lines between fabric and skin also become blurred as it joins union with the human body. The sensitivity to the colour palette, neutral with strong colour blocking, was purposeful to explore the mundane and the everyday wearable, contrasting with the bold realisation of the materilaity of what lies in between. Spaces between is a ready to wear collection with underlying conceptual attributes, which changes how fashion is used, understood, worn and experienced by the wearer.
The Team Designer // Amy Mitrione. Photographer // Rich Rudder. Models // Bridey O Leary, Maeve Mortimer. HMUA // Natalie Cecchin. Edits // Rohan Stanely. Image 2 & 7 Photographed by Tayla Nuss.