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New Year


Hello beautiful friends! I know, I’ve been gone for a little while, too long actually. Sometimes it’s a great thing to take a break from social media to recoup, re evaluate, plan and search for new inspiration. With social media being so fast paced, it’s not ideal to have a lull period in your brand that you are trying to build, but I do believe that taking a small break can be beneficial for so many reasons.

It’s easy to lose touch with reality, assume for the most part that instagram is a highlight reel. For me, I was focusing on my fashion degree, and when the uni year ended and I wasn’t specifically designing or being creative, I found it hard to find inspiration. I got myself into a creative rut and a blogging block. It’s hard to remember but inspiration can be found all around you, even in the smallest of things that catch your eye.

It’s now a brand new year and I have been working on ways to stay creative, inspired and motivated. One simple way is to gather images for a mood board. I use this technique when I am designing, but it is also so effective in helping me to capture my style in both fashion and photography for the blog and my social media channel. This should be your first step if you find yourself in a similar situation to myself.

Planning can help tremendously! I have used this recently, more so than ever before, and for every aspect of my life. Spending a short amount of time planning your upcoming week can help to reduce stress levels, and you have more of a chance of finding your creative flare when your mind is at ease.

Someonelikeamy has always been about building and connecting a community and sharing creative energies. It’s a platform for me to share my design work in my professional life, and also my style in my personal life, which hopefully gives you, my fellow fashion enthusiast, even just a glimmer of inspiration. Remembering why you began a particular journey, can be the most successful way to keep you on your chosen path. And in 2017, I promise to share more of myself with you on this platform, as best I can.

Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog today, wishing you SO much happiness in 2017 my friends.

Love, A xx




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