Graduate collection coming 2017.

Melbourne Designer

Amy Mitrione

Amy Mitrione is a Melbourne born designer-in-training, studying RMIT’s renowned Bachelor Of Design (Fashion) (Honours), graduating in 2017. Amy is currently producing a graduate collection, centered around the idea of exploring the way negative space/voids, can represent both the spaces and places of fashion, and a fashioned identity, crucial to understanding the relationship between fashion and the human body. Through handmade textures and techniques, and a beautiful combination of fabrications, the collection aims to explore and inspire an understanding of these concepts, giving scope for further research, conversation and a point of difference.

Amy’s design work also explores and combines creativity, wearability and contemporary aesthetic. Stay tuned for the full graduate collection coming 2017.


W O R K     D I S P L A Y E D    I N   E X H I B I T I O N S   / /

The Melbourne International Flower And Garden Show 2016. Read more here.

Fashion […] (space) at Testing Grounds, Southbank 2016. Read more here.


M E D I A / /

Anastasia McInerney, “Pants Made Out Of Plants? RMIT Totally Went There”, Catalyst Magazine. Click here to read this article.

Better Homes And Gardens Explores The Melbourne International Flower And Garden Show, Part 1, TV episode 7, Season 22, Aired
on 18.4.2016


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