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Semester break has begun, and I am absolutely loving my time off. I have been able to work on things closer to my heart, like my blog. I became super super busy with university assessments and deadlines and as much as it saddened me, this passion had to take a back seat. Now a new chapter begins, SomeonelikeAmy 2.0! Who doesn’t love a fresh face and a fresh start? This post is a little more personal than my style posts, sharing with you what I have been up to lately and my plans for the coming months, so you can get to know me, Amy, a little better.



LifeLately4I launched this blog a few months ago, even though it felt like forever in the making. I had the vision that I would combine my design skills with my overall passion and love for life to inspire, entertain and share creative, ambitious and positive energies with my followers. I want to join dreamers and creative minds alike, so that we can encourage one another to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Although this is primarily a platform for me to share design and style inspiration, there will also be a dash of colour, beauty, motivation, and real every-day-girl moments.

Lately I have had hours of free time to re-evaluate my life goals, create a productive plan for the semester break, and think about the rest of my career. I am a firm believer in positive energy, affirming out loud your goals and ambitions is a great way to manifest them. So whether your dreams seem little or not so little, they can absolutely come true, and I really hope you believe that.

Balance is super important, and the key ingredient to living a fulfilled life. Having time to sit alone and read, or relaxing in a bath with salts and candles can absolutely change your perspective on your day. Even allocating time to watch an episode (or 5) of your favourite TV show (lets be honest, most of us would choose the latter).

As the semester came to an end, amongst working on SomeonelikeAmy 2.0 (my pride and joy), I began to realise that I have a serious case of the travel bug! Amongst all my free time, and my attempts to keep busy with creative projects, I still felt a New York City shaped hole in my heart that only truly has one cure. After returning home from a seven week holiday, I settled back into my student life routine, which makes it a little tough to build up nice size savings to be able to travel back to the gorgeous city. My best advice for curing travel bug on a low budget in the short term (if you are impatient like me) is to look at mini-vacays and local getaways. For now, I put my NYC dreams in box and hold onto the memories until we meet again.

Jon and I will be exploring Daylesford in a few weeks for a one-night stay at Peppers Springs and even though it is only one night, something to look forward to is always a good thing! We all need that motivation sometimes. We are also thinking about Hamilton Island for a few days end of year, to get that tropical island feeling somewhere closer to home. If you guys have any local travel ideas please shoot them my way!

My bedroom has also had a major makeover this break. It’s so difficult to keep tidy when assessments are pilling up and you’re already doing your best to make those deadlines. During my free hours, I like to clean and re-style the space where I spend most of my time, and the space where I do most of my work, before the new semester begins. I try my best to get as much work done as possible, but there comes a time when I have to stop, clean, clear, re-organise and re-evaluate before it begins to effect my work, especially at the crazy-end-of-semester schedule. The key to productivity is having a clutter-free space, and don’t be afraid to take style risks! You want to love this space with every fibre of your being, otherwise you could experience a lack of motivation or lesser valued work.

So that has been my days in a nutshell loves. Organising, relaxing, blogging, planning and exploring, it’s kind of the perfect life at the moment isn’t it?! At least until next semester! I hope you are all having a lovely winter, and you’re keeping warm!

Now that you know me a little better, I would love to get to know you!

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