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The Beginning

Hello friends! Welcome to my very first post as a blogger. As I sit here, computer in lap, wrapped in my snug faux fur blanket and a cup of tea in hand, I realise the cold weather is amongst us.

I am a lover of winter fashion. However, I love the clothing aesthetic more than I love searching for my car keys in the pouring rain * sigh *. Let’s be real, most of my winter is spent snuggling up to my little westie Zeus (and the boyfriend) with a fluffy blanket under the warmth, binge watching my favourite tv shows. Sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it?! Well, it is. BUT, I am an adventurer. I LOVE exploring new places and getting inspiration from the world around me. I LOVE waterfalls, nature walks, wineries and spa pampering. The Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford, Lorne and the Yarra Valley are amongst some of my favourite Victoria getaways. So as much as I love listening to the rain soothing me to sweet dreams, I prefer weather which allows me to explore the pretty places around me. P.S for those who do love the cold and wet weather, these places are stunning in winter also.

Anyway, I have ALWAYS been interested in the amazing wide world of fashion and design. The art, the culture, the glamour, the theory, the business, fashion journalism and everything else that comes with the industry. It ALL excites and inspires me. Yet, two years into my degree I began to lack in motivation. I felt a little run down and quite frankly a little broke (#studentlife). I made the decision to take a year off from my studies. I was still very sure that a career in design was meant for me, but I needed a change in scenery, I needed to learn things outside of the classroom (soooo important!).

I worked full time, I developed skills. I saved money. I then traveled for seven weeks with my love, exploring foreign cities and adventuring around amazing new places. To say that I got my mojo back is an understatement! I was itching to get back into studying and to express myself creatively again. My life and my design work have never been better.

I have always wanted to begin writing a blog. After returning home from my travels and settling back into the university routine, I needed a project to keep me inspired, motivated and passionate. SomeOneLikeAmy is my avenue to do so, and so the beginning of this blog was born. I want to inspire and share creative energies with my readers and encourage dreamers.

I am so thankful you are on this journey with me.

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