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A Touch Of Lace


It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of lace. There is something so sweet, delicate and feminine about lace that I absolutely love. This lace top is one of my favourites for spring, an old Zara number that matches perfectly with a white metallic midi skirt. Can we ever go wrong with monochrome? I don’t wear a tonne of black, but every now and then I love a classic look, channelling my inner Audrey Hepburn.





I have been waiting patiently to wear sweet blouses and breezy summertime skirts, but the weather isn’t really helping here in Melbourne. When spring eventually decides to show, I can see myself in a lot of lace and classic silhouettes. Some find it hard to wear lace with other items of clothing. I think the easiest way to wear this texture is to pair it with something simple, and have it work as your key statement piece.

If you are like me, then mixing different textures is not so foreign to you. Taking something classic and bringing a unique twist is how you stay true to your personal style, especially when it comes to trends. Lace and silk go hand in hand. I also adore lace with a little bit of leather, or a bold print or even a chunky cable knit in winter. For spring, there are so many more possibilities to take lace to the next level, and it’s simpler than you think. Whether it’s in the neckline of a beautiful camisole, panelling in a breezy summertime dress or in the sleeves of a sweet blouse, there is always some way to feature a little lace in your look, both day and night.

Happy Styling!






Top – old Zara

Skirt & Shoes – old Forever New

Jewellery – Ekso Collection

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