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A Lovely Little Invitation


Happy Monday loves! My lovely Aunty is getting married and she has asked me to design and create her invitations for the big day. Super exciting since I’m a total DIY nerd! I love designing and creating and I love weddings, so this was just a perfect little project for me.

Reader please note: personal information has been removed for privacy reasons.



If you are thinking about creating your own wedding invitations, read on as I share the process I went through to create these gorgeous rustic wedding invites.

Firstly, a common misconception is that DIY invitations are serious money-savers. Now, of course, this can be true, but it honestly depends on a few things such as:

Your personal style and the style/vibe you want to create
The quality you want
Your standards
How many invitations you need to produce
Your time management skills

My advice before choosing the DIY option, is to ask yourself, why? If your decision is purely to save money but you don’t have a passion or a love for creating or a willingness to learn, then chances are you won’t end up saving that much in the scheme of things, plus you’ll have the added stress of it taking up your precious time. We all know that common craft supplies can end up costing quite a bit, and there are a number of affordable companies who can produce nice invitations for you if you research appropriately. Again, this also depends on what style of invitation you want to create.

If you have a passion for design or a specific reason for choosing the DIY option, such as achieving a specific look or bringing a concept into form or you just simply want to get crafty, then this tactic is for you! I only really say one thing about DIY and creative projects, you need to do them with love, passion and patience!

Now, I’m not an expert, but I will share with you how I created these specific invitations to show you it’s not all that difficult, but it takes a little love and a little time, so be patient pretties!


These rustic wedding invitations are for an intimate family celebration, making it a little easier to DIY in this particular situation.

It’s important to establish a theme. Will you be having a rustic wedding? Do you want traditional invitations? Be clear with your colour theme as well. Look at instagram and pinterest and gather some ideas. What kind of typography would you like? Do you want any patterns or textures?




For these invitations, I began with illustration. I drew a leaf design with watercolour paint that would frame the text on both the left and right sides. I scanned it into the computer, used Adobe Photoshop to adjust colouring and installed new fonts for the text. I experimented with text placement, fonts, colours and phrases until I found a design that the bride was happy with.






I searched for supplies at Officeworks and Lincraft, as well as local independent craft and fabric stores in order to find the perfect paper, envelopes, and lace trims. This is where knowing your theme really helps so that you don’t end up with a bunch of things that may not work well together. Feel free to shop around, this often sparks the creative energies in us and ideas can really start to come to life. Before purchasing however, really think about the products in end form to eliminate wasting money from your precious budget.

It’s important to measure the envelopes you purchase so the size of the invitation fits perfectly placed inside, and you can adjust this in Adobe Photoshop, which is exactly what I did. I printed them at home on linen paper. Linen paper is sturdy and has a lovely texture which worked really well with the rustic theme. Printing at home is such an easy option. You don’t need to have an industrial printer either, just one that can handle the paper you choose, and one that has fresh new ink! Once they were printed, I cut them down to size using a sharp guillotine. I styled the invitations in white lace adding texture, feel and overall personality.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Channel your inner creative, beautiful!

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